About us

The Julita Foundation is a non governamental organization founded in1950. The organization is dedicated to improve the lives of children, teenagers, young people and older as well as their parents that experience social vulnerability.

Our work

Brazil is a country that experience social vulnerability, that means:

The Julita Foundation is working hard to respond to the crisis focused on social assistence and quality education. Our work tackles families poverty and its consequences, like a lack of human rights (education, heath, leisure, housing and job´s opportunities)

For the early childhood, we administrated a public school, the biggest of this district. Education is a basic human right and can be affect child´s future, jobs and opportunities, result in a vicious circle of poverty in the families. Disstructured families are unable to contribute to the development of their children. Children who do not develop remain at the poverty line.

For other ages of children, in addition to teenagers and young people, our foundation offers socio-educational activities complementary to the formal school of sport, health, environmental education and culture.

For youth, we offer regular employability training courses. Also, we partner with local companies in the city of São Paulo for the employability of young people in companies. Investing in adolescents builds strong economies, including communities and social well-being.

For older, our foundation provide social activities to prevent the isolation and diseases coming from it, like depression. They are supported by prevention heath and social assistance.


Our foundation seeks to support families and communities in crisis and provide opportunities for a better and more stable future, contributing to SDGs (The Global Goals for sustainable development) 1 and 2 – No Poverty and Quality Education. Also, the Social of SDG is the focus from our foundation.

The goal of our work is families and teacher´s strengthening, because they´re two direct responsible for child´s care, education and growth. The Julita´s social assistence and the Programmes are dedicated supporting social vulnerability families, cooperating to them role´s care and protection of childs, at the heart of all that we do.

We also offer teacher training from education center´s experts (heath, sport, environmental education and culture), with the aim to contribute students´s educational attainment and their individual development, whilst contributing to poverty reduction.

The Julita Foundation attends 1.400 people living in social vulnerability, with ages between 0 and 100 years old. It´s three or more generations of families being benefited by Julita´s activities, with the aim of guaranteeing human rights.

How we do it

The Julita Foundation unites with public sector, private sector and civil society (individual supporters help by donation and volunteering) to maintain our social work.

The need for our work are greatest and we couldn’t do this without our supporters, donors, and partners.

Our team

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